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Creativity and technology

for E-commerce


We are your E-commerce rover,
built to connect brands with consumers.

PF23 is focused on brand building in E-commerce.

Our mission is to create top notch user experience as a key element in the perception of a brand in E-commerce.

We think art & science. We use creativity and technology to design and execute efficient consumer journeys and path-to-purchase scenarios. Our team has a global footprint and a proven track record of delivering end-to-end projects across EMEA, NA and LATAM regions and cooperating with over 50 top brands and more than 300 E-retailers globally.

We offer you a synthesis of E-commerce capabilities, 15 years of experience and over 150 E-commerce specialists.



We provide winning end-to-end E-commerce services: from analytics and recommendation, through design & production, to final technological implementation and maintenance.

Imię i nazwisko

Key people

We are a team of seasoned marketing professionals with over 15 years' track record of working together in network agencies. We co-created regional and global solutions in the areas of digital marketing and E-commerce for top tier brands.

We combine our corporate background with the dynamics and flexibility of startup DNA.

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Courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration


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Szymon Domżał
EVP/Managing Partner
mobile: +48 662 109 967

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